Harmonic Offers New Features for VOS SaaS Streaming Platforms

(Image credit: Harmonic)

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Harmonic is rolling out a new release of its VOS SaaS platforms and cloud-native softwares, with features specifically aimed at live video streaming and broadcast delivery.

First up in what Harmonic is calling its summer offering is the VOS360 live streaming platform. This unit now offers 1+1 geo-redundancy for uninterrupted streaming; the ability to manage peak viewing by utilizing multi-CDN and caching capabilities; support for Google Ad Manager and FreeWheel ad management platforms; and reduced latency with Apple Low-Latency HLS protocol support.

Then there is the VOS360 channel origination and distribution platform. This reduces infrastructure costs with statmux support in the cloud and simplifies cloud playout workflows via new partnerships for traffic management and playout automation, including Aveco, Crispin/Sony and Florical.

The VOS cloud-native software, meanwhile, provides performance boost and density gains with Intel Xeon scalable processors. It also allows for high CPU savings through a range of video-quality encoding figurations and deploys broadcast statmux capabilities and CAS vendor integrations on the same stack.

Harmonic will provide more information about its latest offerings during a webinar (opens in new tab) taking place live on June 24 at 11 a.m. ET. For more information, visit www.harmonicinc.com (opens in new tab).