HARMAN Soundcraft releases V2 software for SI Compact digital console

HARMAN Soundcraft’s Si Compact digital console has received an upgrade with the V2 software release. The free upgrade provides more than 23 new features, updates and enhancements, the first welcome addition being eight additional DSP channels expanding the Si Compact 16 and Si Compact 24 to 32 and 40 inputs to mix, respectively.

Of note is the new user configurable fader layers allowing input channels to be reassigned anywhere on either input layer and any bus master reassigned to either master layer. Now an engineer can put the inputs and returns where he or she most needs them.

Another function introduced in V2 is DOGS (Direct Output Gain Stabilisation). A common frustration for engineers is when two consoles (FOH and Monitors) share the same source such as a mic on stage. The mix balance on the second (slave) console can be overridden if the engineer at the master console changes the mic gain, and in some environments this could also result in feedback in the slave system. Using a connection topology where the slave console is fed from a pre-fade direct output of the master, DOGS can compensate for the gain adjustment maintaining original system gain between mic in and direct out. One of the unique advantages of DOGS is since stabilization occurs locally in the master console, only this component requires the DOGS system and all other equipment connected to the master can benefit from the feature.

Selective Copy & Paste is now implemented, allowing all or part of a selected channel or bus to be copied and pasted elsewhere. This basic functionality is augmented with the ability to copy and paste individual bus or matrix mixes and copy/paste FX presets between Lexicon processors. Enhanced MIDI control allows snapshots to be recalled from any external devices capable of sending simple program change messages.

Other enhancements include a new security mode that prevents unauthorized access to key functions, additional information displayed in the Function Focus window on the touch screen, improved matrix mix facilities, show file and folder management, better navigation, improved default settings, HPF settings, and added EQ curve graphics.