Haivision Expands Makito X Encoding/Decoding Platform

MONTREAL, CANADA —Haivision has unveiled the newest products in the Makito X Series of video encoders/decoders. The expanded series includes:

  • Makito X encoder configurations, including the Makito X Single or Dual SDI and Makito X DVI.
  • Ruggedized Makito XR encoders for ground-based deployments.
  • Makito X Decoder, a low-latency, high-profile dual channel decoder.

The Makito X encoders include all features from the original Makito encoder, including downscaling, de-interlacing, deblocking, forward error correction, encryption, closed captioning, and Key Length Value metadata for full motion video applications, the vendor said. The series also includes Haivision’s new Secure Reliable Transport technology, optimizing performance streaming across the unpredictable Internet by assuring quality of service to deliver the best video stream when faced with packet loss, jitter, latency, and fluctuating bandwidth.