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HaiVision Delivers Video Solutions

HaiVision Systems Inc. will unveil new additions to its high-performance network video systems at NAB, including the MAKO-HD and SHARE-HD.

MAKO-HD codec delivers 70 ms of latency from end to end and supports HD up to 1080p. The MAKO-HD also supports computer output encoding to H.264, at up to 1280x768 resolution and 60 fps.

The SHARE-HD network video recorder is a network video appliance capable of recording up to 10 simultaneous streams of HD or WXGA content. SHARE-HD is designed for events where multiple video and real-time information sources are required. SHARE-HD can capture all camera sources simultaneously, apply appropriate metadata, and replay entire sessions either within a computer-based soft player, directly to network video decoders, or to set-top boxes for full context session review.