Grass Valley releases EDIUS version 6.06

Grass Valley's new EDIUS version 6.06 NLE adds an increase in system performance and new third-party compatibility to make an editor's job faster and more efficient.

The new software includes new hardware drivers that provide support for 1080p50/60 projects on the Grass Valley HDSPARK, HDSPARK Pro and STORM Mobile editing platforms, as well as video output in 1080i5060 format.

There's also an improved workflow for P2 camera/source deck users, giving them the ability within EDIUS to create waveform files in a project folder — not on the removable media — and delay creating waveform cache files until required.

The new software version also features improved compatibility with XDCAM MXF files stored on SxS solid-state memory cards. Sony's XDCAM STATION with the latest XDS firmware (1.14) upgrade is also supported.

For the first time, EDIUS users can take advantage of third-party hardware, with support for the Black Magic Design Intensity Pro capture card. EDIUS 6.06 also supports the latest version of QuickTime (7.7).