Grass Valley Kayenne Part of All Mobile Video IP Truck

The layout of All Mobile Video’s Eclipse OB truck. (Image credit: Grass Valley)

NEW YORK—Today’s live mobile production environments need infrastructures that are agile and scalable in order to meet the ever-increasing consumer appetite for high-quality content. As a full-service broadcast facilities company, our clients look to us to provide innovative solutions, including the newest tools to help them enhance their production capabilities and meet demands. To do this, we knew we needed to transition to IP, so we partnered up with Grass Valley to design a full IP outside broadcast (OB) unit, Eclipse. 


We had been planning for years to build an OB unit with IP technology at its core. We wanted to future-proof our offering as IP can handle much higher bandwidth than legacy SDI environments, supporting more live streams from a live event and opening up new, smarter approaches to content creation. Grass Valley is at the forefront of IP technology development, so it was an easy decision for us to choose them as a partner to design a fully end-to-end IP truck.

Our unit comes fully loaded with Grass Valley's new LDX 100 IP camera platform, delivering three-times high-speed UHD capture and full HD and UHD HDR. We also purchased Grass Valley’s Creative Grading solution bringing unparalleled creative control to camera shaders. Simplifying the IP workflow is the GV Orbit dynamic system orchestrator; using the interface, operators can easily configure and change systems on the fly. The IP workflow is supported by an IP fabric built with Nexus 9000 Series Switches from Cisco Systems, which support the latest SMPTE 2110 suite of standards. 

The unit also includes Grass Valley's K-Frame XP video production engine, with Kayenne switcher control panel; Kaleido SD, HD and 4K UHD IP multiviewers; IPVU IP to HDMI monitoring gateways; Densité and IQ Modular signal processing and conversion; and the Audio Live router for live multistream IP audio.

Eclipse gives us the ability to handle everything from HD to 4K UHD and HDR, plus the capability to scale up to 8K when needed. Our clients get much more operator space, more firepower and greater production capability all in one unit. This added free space will allow for greater distancing options for show personnel in a post-COVID production environment. What’s more, IP gives us and our customers the ability to stay ahead of a fast-evolving mediascape and we’re excited to support our clients on that journey to leveraging the full potential of IP.


The biggest challenge with IP is getting control and diagnostics right. We needed a partner with great switching capabilities and tight diagnostics, and Grass Valley delivers the best solutions in those areas. That technology leadership combined with a track record of reliability and true industry expertise made Grass Valley the obvious choice for the job. 

Another key factor in choosing Grass Valley was that we wanted a partner that values a long term, ongoing collaboration. We didn’t want to engage with a vendor who saw this simply as a sales transaction. Our business philosophy is based on partnership, we ensure our customers get the best solutions and support to take their businesses forward, and we expect the same level of commitment from our supplier partners. 

Eclipse will be ready to roll out later this year, and when live events start to return in new and unique ways, it will be used to support a range of mobile productions, including reimagined major award shows, theatrical productions and other creative live entertainment events.

Eric Duke is president of All Mobile Video, and can be contacted through

For more information, visit or call Grass Valley at 514-333-1722.