Globalstor Reaches New Heights With ExtremeStor-DI Tower

Data storage solutions developer and provider Globalstor Data Corp., has introduced its new ExtremeStor-DI Tower workstation, a compact version of Globalstor's signature ExtremeStor-DI server line.

The ExtremeStor-DI tower is a scaled down, cost-effective digital intermediate workstation, which is equipped with 10 fault-tolerant hot swappable SATA drives that can support a wide range of RAID levels including RAID 5. With capacities ranging from 2.5 TB to 10 TB, the ExtremeStor-DI Tower integrates Dual Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron Quad Core processors that can deliver up to 600 Mbps of sustained data throughput in RAID 5.

The company said it recognizes that there are various degrees of needs and services among today's post-production industry and the ExtremeStor-DI tower is a good fit.

"The ExtremeStor-DI Tower is the ideal system for post-production facilities that are in need of high-quality HD 2K capture, playback and colour correction applications but do not require the abundance of drives offered within our ExtremeStor-DI server line," Globalstor Data Corporation President Scott Leif said.

Globalstor U.S. headquarters are located in Chatsworth, California.