German Public TV network taps Teracue for IP signal processing

Teracue AG has supplied German public broadcaster Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) with its ENC-200 H.264 encoder and DEC-200 H.264 decoder for the Olympics.

The ready-to-broadcast signal, which goes to ARD and/or ZDF, is encoded with the ENC-200 into a compressed H.264 format and is streamed via an IP network into hotels in Vancouver to be distributed and decoded again there. This gives the editorial teams on-site the chance to follow the Olympics in hotels where normally the ARD and ZDF signals are not available.

MDR said it selected the Teracue’s H.264 encoders/decoders because they can be operated via a Web browser and provide excellent picture quality with a low bandwidth and low latency.

The ENC/DEC-200 range was developed for live streaming applications in which camera signals, DVD players or internal TV channels are transmitted live on the Internet. The H.264 video encoder/decoder ENC/DEC-200 supports the real-time compression of video and audio formats.