Gepco offers hybrid fiber breakout box

Gepco now offers a new 4.5in single-channel Hybrid Fiber Breakout Box that’s compatible with the SMPTE 304M standard and provides a reliable hybrid fiber to ST breakout box in a highly portable 4.5in unit.

Each hybrid connector breaks out to two ST female connectors on a recessed, protective metal top plate with optional electrical connectors. In facilities where hybrid fiber interconnects are not available, the new box offers breakout of the hybrid connector to industry-standard optical and electrical components, enabling an HD camera-to-CCU connection over existing fiber tie lines. In addition, the Gepco Hybrid Fiber Breakout Box can be used for Lemo terminated hybrid fiber cables to standard ST fiber connectors.

All optical components feature machine-polished ceramic ferules and ceramic sleeves for superior optical alignment and low loss. The chassis is constructed from heavy gauge anodized aluminum for use in remote production environments. The Hybrid Fiber Breakout Box also features replaceable fiber jumpers and metal dust caps.

In addition to the standard configuration, Gepco’s breakout box is available with XLR or five-pin AMP connectors that are hard-wired to the power and/or signal components of the SMPTE hybrid connectors.

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