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Gekko to Introduce Kedo LED Luminaire at NAB

Gekko’s kedo, the color tunable hard source
Gekko Technology will launch kedo, the focusable version of its color tunable LED based luminaire at the NAB Show. The fresnel based optic within kedo provides a focal range of 6:1.

Kedo has presets at 2,900, 3,200, 4,300, 5,600 and 6,500 K (as well as the ability to match a wide range of color gels in the entertainment form of the lamp). The fixture is comparable in output intensity to a 900 watt tungsten source and warranted for 20,000 hours. Inherently low power consumption also keeps heat generation to a minimum.

Using a single multi-chip LED array, kedo delivers consistent color quality as a result of on-board firmware. Output is optimized at 3,200 and 5,600 K with minimal color shift throughout the dimming range. Intensity and color temperature can be controlled direct from the on-board control panel or via DMX.

Gekko Technology will be at Booth C2249.