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Gefen's CAT5 Extenders Combine USB and Monitor Signals on One Cable

Gefen has created a new extender with core USB technology that enables one CAT5 cable to carry signals for USB and monitor peripherals. By cutting down on the number of cables, installation time and cost can be reduced.

The new ex-tend-it CAT5-1000 could be useful to people who want to operate a computer from a remote location. It uses an extension system with a sender unit, a receiver unit and a CAT5 cable up to 330 feet long. The computer's A/V and USB signals are connected to the sender unit. The receiver unit is connected to the monitor, keyboard, mouse and one or two USB peripherals. The sender and receiver units are connected by the cable.

The CAT5-5000 system supports two dual-monitor workstations remotely and locally, so the sender and receiver units can support a local set-up with two monitors and a remote set-up with two monitors and two USB peripherals. Users can work on two dual-screen workstations locally and remotely on one computer. The CAT5-5000 is suited for those who use a dual-screen environment like musicians, graphic artists, broadcasters and gamers.