Fujinon to introduce ENG HD lens at NAB2005

Weighing 6.2lbs, the new HA25X11.5 is a compact telephoto lens well suited for gyro-stabilized platforms in aircraft, wildlife photography and HD surveillance applications

Fujinon's HA25X11.5BERD HD ENG-style lens provides widescreen 16:9 or traditional 4:3 production capability

With Fujinon’s new HA25X11.5BERD HD ENG-style lens, documentary filmmakers can now capture previously unreachable, remote images in high-definition resolution.

To be introduced at NAB2005, the new lens weighs 6.2lbs, has a maximum focal length of 576mm (2x), reduced focus breathing, an F-stop range of 2.0 to 2.8 and Fujinon’s DigiPower servo system for fast and accurate zooming.

The HA25X11.5BERD is well suited for remote control systems and location documentary work. It also provides widescreen 16:9 or traditional 4:3 production capability.

For more information, visit booth SU6370 or go to www.fujinonbroadcast.com.

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