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Fujinon Optics Put the Sparkle in HD

Fujinon's XA88x8.8BESM telephoto zoom lens
CLEARWATER, FLA.—As the oldest privately held mobile production facility provider in the United States, F&F Productions strives to keep all of the equipment on our HD mobile units current.

Our customer base includes many of the top broadcast networks and entertainment production companies, and we need to provide HD trucks that will perform as well or better than our clients expect at all of the special events they want us to cover.

We always consider many factors in making new equipment purchases, including the brand's reputation and the company's technical and customer service. If we have equipment that's not working right, it can really hamper a high-stakes live production, and cast a bad reflection on us.

For this reason, we've always bought Fujinon lenses for our trucks. After more than 30 years in business, we've evaluated virtually every lens Fujinon has brought to market, watching the company grow and evolve right along with our business. We've also experienced their technical support first-hand and found the company to be extremely responsive.


Fujinon lenses have also proven to be extremely durable and stand up well to extreme weather conditions, including ice, rain, fog, and high winds. As our trucks have traveled to events all across the country, our Fujinon lenses have proven they can handle the wear and tear of repeated setups and handling by different camera operators.

The trucks in our HD mobile fleet are all outfitted with equipment that provides maximum flexibility and compatibility. Our newest HD truck, the GTX-16, carries an array of Fujinon 2/3-inch HDTV field lenses including the XA88x8.8BESM telephoto lens and the XA101x8.9BESM. Compared to other lenses, Fujinon technology provides exceptional resolution and colorimetry, with minimal distortion and color aberrations.

Many of our Fujinon lenses have image stabilization, as well as 2X extenders, and digital servo focus and zoom. The GTX-16 is also equipped with four Fujinon HA23x7.6 lenses for handheld cameras, and two HA14x4.5 super wide-angle lenses which are well suited for entertainment shows use.


Our customers like the fact that our trucks carry a variety of big box lenses, especially for high-profile sports events. The Fujinon lenses that we use offer the wide-angle picture they demand, along with the ability to zoom in tight on subjects at great distances. Our Fujinon big box lenses are really crowd pleasers when it comes to providing a lot of creative latitude.

Whenever our clients book one of our trucks, they expect a variety of high-performance high-definition broadcast lenses to choose from. However, they generally do not like to mix and match lenses made by different manufacturers. That's another reason that we've standardized on Fujinon HD broadcast lenses for our entire mobile fleet.

Bill McKechney has been with F&F Productions since 1981, and is the winner of a 2010 Emmy Award. He may be contacted at

For addition information, contact Fujifilm Optical Devices U.S.A. at 973-633-5600 or visit