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Front Porch Digital SAMMAsolo to be highlighted at BroadcastAsia 2012

Front Porch Digital has announced its product lineup for BroadcastAsia 2012, which includes the SAMMAsolo HD video migration solution.

Based on the patented, Emmy Award-winning SAMMA technology, the SAMMAsolo HD migration solution is the first of its kind to perform real-time, quality-controlled migration of content from HD videotape into a secure managed digital environment that supports preservation while facilitating access. With a fully internationalized user interface, SAMMAsolo can be customized for local languages, including Mandarin Chinese.

The SAMMAsolo HD migration solution meets a pressing need by enabling broadcasters, heritage institutions, and other enterprises to preserve and make use of their legacy assets. SAMMAsolo migration solutions combine hardware and software to move archive-quality content from videotape to multiple file formats in a single pass.

Because SAMMAsolo automates repetitive steps and uses advanced signal analysis to evaluate the quality of the videotape and to monitor and document the migration itself, the work can be accomplished with minimal staff training or staff time. The process preserves source time-code and also associates indexing and technical metadata.

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