Front Porch Digital enhances user interface for SAMMA family

Front Porch Digital announced at last week’s IBC Show that it will add user interface internationalization, including Unicode support, to its SAMMA family of products. The products target media migration from videotape to secure and readily accessible digital storage.

At the heart of the migration solution is SAMMA Solo, a turnkey, single-stream engine that simultaneously converts videotape in real time to as many as five high-quality digital files, including MXF- or QuickTime-wrapped JPEG2000, MPEG-2, DV, H.264 (MPEG-4), Flash, MPEG-1, AVC, Windows Media and Real Media. It does this while monitoring the entire process automatically and collecting critical quality metadata frame by frame.

Besides SAMMA Solo, Front Porch Digital's SAMMA family includes SAMMA Prep, a human-workflow-centric videotape preparation and accessioning application; SAMMA Clean, with the ability to clean, process, assess and prepare videotapes at rates about 20 times faster than real time while automatically collecting metadata; SAMMA Robot, an automated migration system that can operate around the clock and support up to 800 hours of content migration per week; and the free SAMMA J2K software player, which offers PC-based playback of industry-standard, preservation quality MXF-wrapped JPEG2000 content.