French broadcasters use Orad for recent elections

French TV broadcasters TF1 and LCI used Orad’s real-time 3-D graphics platform during the recent 2007 French presidential election.

With nearly 17 million viewers following the French elections, Orad’s HDVG platform rendered quickly changing information in combination with pre-rendered visual elements. The networks used nine Orad HDVG rendering stations for live-to-air coverage.

Orad´s HDVG rendering platform is geared to accommodate both HD and SD modes of operation. The HDVG is the backbone rendering platform for all of Orad´s graphics solutions, and is equipped to handle up to eight video insertions in SD or up to three in HD.

Orad´s election solution can display real-time graphics on a large-screen display with no zoom-in pixelization limitation. Often when trying to use a large display, there are strict limitations on camera movement because of pixelization issues. Orad´s HDVG offers the ability to chain an unlimited number of HDVG nodes that can split the real-time rendering tasks between them and provide pixelization-free display over large-screen displays.

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