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At the 2009 NAB Show, FOR-A will launch the MBP-100CK chroma keyer. The unit offers internal video delay lines; two independent, multi-layering downstream keyers; and an internal still store.

The MBP-100CK also includes an Auto Chroma Key function, which makes it possible for an inexperienced operator to produce clean chroma key effects by automatically adjusting the internal parameters. Further minimizing the need for manual fine tuning, the chroma keyer handles skin tones, wardrobe and hair color variations, which can present challenges for fine chroma keying in either green or blue backgrounds.

Edge colors can be changed by the reflection from the background color (spill color) or by chromatic aberration of the camera lens during chroma keying. The chroma keyer features an Edge Color Replacement function and high-performance filtering designed to ensure image quality even when keying difficult subjects. It eliminates the need to matte shrink or cut out edge color variations by automatically selecting the adequate color for the color changed area. The resulting keyed images blend with the background in a natural way.