Focusrite ships new Scarlett plug-in suite

Focusrite has introduced Scarlett, a professional software suite of compression, gating, EQ and reverb plug-ins for tracking and mixing for both PC and Mac environments, allowing it to work with virtually any digital audio workstation. The Scarlett user interface features a stunning red anodized aluminum look with intricately modeled, lifelike VU meters.

Each powerful Focusrite plug-in has a host of fast and easy-to-use presets, providing a great starting point for processing both vocals and instruments. Every plug-in parameter can be finely tuned to achieve the desired sound. Modeled on original Focusrite ear-tuned hardware optical compressors, Scarlett's dynamics modules deliver the authentic 1960s opto sound. The gate can operate in stereo mode and, in different dual mono configurations, one signal can be used to trigger the gate of another. Scarlett features a six-band EQ, with filters, parametric mids and shelving, all modeled to offer an authentic response across the entire spectrum.

On the screen, Scarlett features a red anodized aluminum look and extremely detailed metering. It works under VST, AU and RTAS (Pro Tools) hosts, runs on Macs and PCs, and is now shipping.