Focusrite announces new ISA 828 multi-preamp

The unit features eight ISA mic preamps with exceptional A/D conversion.

Focusrite recently unveiled its new ISA 828 eight-channel microphone preamplifier. Scheduled to ship imminently, the ISA 828 features eight original ISA transformer-based preamps in a single 2RU chassis. All eight transformer-based microphone preamps feature the same vintage design as the original ISA 110 module from Focusrite’s Forte console, including the original Lundahl L1538 transformer and bespoke zobel network.

The preamps are complemented by eight line inputs, four instrument inputs and an optional eight-channel 192kHz ADC with exceptional performance. With convenient 25-pin D-type connectors, the ISA 828 integrates quickly and seamlessly with ProTools HD, as well as other popular hard disk recorders and mixing desks. The microphone input stage includes a variable impedance circuit with four user-selectable settings. The original ISA 110 setting is supplemented by three further impedance settings to perfectly match (or creatively mismatch) the preamp with any microphone collection.

The four front-panel instrument inputs feature high and low impedance options to provide a comprehensive and accessible DI solution. Insert switches and vintage design high-pass filters are featured on every channel.

The optional eight-channel 192kHz ADC embodies cutting-edge conversion technology, seated within Focusrite custom analog circuitry. This provides eight channels of A/D conversion, noise at -122dBF and jitter less than 250 picoseconds.

Every channel features a six LED input meter, complete with precise meter trim. The meter displays and meter trim calibrations use the same reference points as Digidesign’s HD system and provide clear and accurate input metering, independent of the DAW.

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