Focus Enhancements Announces Recorder for JVC Cameras

Focus Enhancements Inc. is now offering a Direct To Edit video recorder specifically designed to interface with JVC GY-HD100 camcorders.

The new FireStore DR-HD100 hard-drive recorder can be mounted directly to the JVC camera, or clipped to the user's belt. It records HDV or DV streams as DTE files which can be imported and immediately used by NLE systems.

"The DR-HD100 allows JVC ProHD camcorder owners to seamlessly add a tapeless component to their workflow to extend record times, ensure error free recordings and streamline the entire video production workflow," said Craig Yanagi, national marketing manager of JVC's creation products division.

The DR-HD100 provides multiple control options when used in conjunction with the JVC CY-HD100 series of camcorders, as well as the ability to monitor DTE recorder status in the camcorder's viewfinder. When the camcorder is in DV mode, users can select any of 10 different DTE file formats, including Avid OMF, QuickTime, AVI Type 2 and more. With the camcorder in HD mode, 720p M2T recordings can be made directly to disk.

The recorder weighs only one pound and is available with 40 GB or 80 GB drives, allowing nearly 9 hours of 720p HD recording.