Focus Enhancements Announces New DTE Recorders for Canon XL H1

Focus Enhancements Inc. is releasing a new version of its portable direct-to-edit disk recorders designed to work with Canon's XL H1 HD camcorder.

The FS-C HD60 is equipped with 60 GB of storage, and the FS-C HD100 provides 100 GB. At a resolution of 1080i or DV25, the 60 GB model provides 4.5 hours of recording time and the 100 GB units can record 7.5 hours.

"Canon's XL H1 is one of the most sought-after HD camcorders by broadcast professionals, filmmakers, and event videographers," said David O'Kelly, Focus Enhancements vice president of business development. "When connected, the FireStore FS-C/ Canon XL H1 combo saves time, extends record time, and improves workflow, all while providing a digital backup."

The recorders are designed to mount directly to the XL H1 camcorder and use FireWire connectivity. When operated in the HD mode, .mt2t files are created, and when used in the DV mode, files can be created to support Avid OMF, QuickTime, Canopus AVI and more.