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Focal Demonstrates New CMS Audio Monitors

Focal Professional will be demonstrating the CMS (Compact Monitoring System) professional monitoring speakers during the 2009 NAB Show. The new powered audio monitors were developed to solve recurring problems for demanding broadcast and post-production audio professionals. The CMS series is a compact system that combines high sound quality with easy installation and key features for the audio for visuals studio.

The CMS series has two models, the CMS 50 integrates a Focal 5-inch woofer, and the CMS 65 contains a Focal 6.5-inch woofer with an extended low-end response, both models utilize a Focal inverted dome tweeter made from aluminum and magnesium. Both models are self-powered and bi-amped, and can also be paired with a CMS subwoofer (set to be released later in 2009).

As with all Focal monitors, the woofers and tweeters are manufactured by Focal in France. The soundstage is large, deep and detailed, while the overall dynamics offer intelligibility of transients that emphasize the reproduction of the smallest audio detail. The neutrality and tonal balance guarantee an outstanding transfer quality from the sound in the studio to the real world of television audio in the home theater.

The CMS series offers an acoustically treated die-cast aluminum case for maximum rigidity and damping. The combination of specific aluminum thickness, internal reinforcements and acoustic treatment succeeds in the removal of any “ringing” effect, frequently encountered in other cast-case format monitors. The CMS series are supplied with a frequency-decoupling rubber sole, four rubber spikes, two height-adjustable spikes to be installed in the front or at the rear of the base and two removable grilles to protect the woofer and tweeter.

The “HF Shelving” and “LF Shelving” (high and low frequency) knobs help solve the main acoustic problems of the studio. The “Desktop Notch” correction suppresses the interference reflections generated by the installation of the CMS speakers on a console desktop. Each rotary potentiometer is notched, enabling the user to quickly recall an identical setting for any CMS speakers.

Focal will be at booth N5923.