February 2013 New Products

Broadcast Pix
Video Control Center 3.2

Upgrade improves the Granite and Mica integrated live video production systems; camera control enhancements include thumbnail displays of each preset position, as well as auto-follow of camera switching and enhanced macro integration; built-in clip server now supports native Avid DNxHD clips and multidefinition ProRes and H.264 clips, while the six-channel graphic store adds frame capture; custom monitor layouts and macros can now be tied to each show; a new option turns any Granite 2000 system into a 2 M/E switcher.




Update for the HD/SD frame rate converter caters to winter sports production; users can now select a winter sports scene type, a special mode created to optimize the conversion process in environments with high-speed moving objects in highly saturated backgrounds that contain a lot of bright white, such as snow or ice; will benefit broadcasters working on winter events, such as speed skating, figure skating and snowboarding.


Roland Systems Group
V-800HD V1.5

Update for the multiformat switcher provides a new A/B style switching mode, direct input channel assign to AUX bus plans, and support for 3G-SDI Level B Mapping Structure for both 1080p50Hz and 1080p59.954Hz formats; update enables further synchronization options, including the ability to select any of the SDI inputs as the sync reference; update also supports multiview monitors that are not HDCP-compliant, allowing users to connect any monitor source supporting an HDMI output; an automatic memory save function keeps memory position 1-1 loaded with the current state of the mixer.


Advent Mantis MSAT

Portable Data Terminal Go-anywhere satellite terminal is designed to address the emerging Ka-band satellite newsgathering requirements of broadcasters around the world; can be set up and start transmitting data and video in as little as five minutes; supports X-, Ku- and now Ka-band configurations, which can be swapped in the field in less than a minute; weighs 27.5lbs.


Oxygen DCT

MRS range

MRS range of multiviewers incorporates triple-rate 3Gb/s HD/SD-SDI and analog performance; with its modular architecture and display configuration flexibility, the range is suited for any broadcast application that requires mission-critical monitoring; incorporates three frame sizes: a pocket-sized multiviewer with four inputs, a mid-sized unit with 16 inputs and four outputs, and a large-scale multiviewer — the MRS-X — which offers 132 inputs and 32 outputs.


IPDirector V.6

Key new features of the integrated suite of video production management tools include full eight-channel (in and out) control of the new XT3 server for extended flexibility in live production and dedicated support for all EVS servers on the market; version 6 integrates new software browsing and Web-browsing modules for easy and intuitive content search, selection and clipping for any local or distant fast turnaround production; advanced management of clips includes growing clip loading, sub-clip management on multiple channels and new clip production tools.


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TV One

HDBaseT dual output module provides two HDBaseT standard outputs per slot for the CORIO master and CORIO matrix; allows for transmission of uncompressed HDMI standard signals up to 100m, over good quality Cat 6 network cable; by using HDBaseT, the display can now be located some distance from the video hardware, using inexpensive, readily-available LAN cabling with a standard RJ-45 connector without any image degradation; a separate 100Mb Ethernet input is provided to accommodate control applications.




HD cinema camcorder features 10-bit (enhanced 8-bit) 4:2:2 quality output for better gradation of tonal areas when recording onto external devices, such as a P2 HD recorder; weighs 3.5lbs (without lens or battery); includes several high-end features such as Dynamic Range Stretch; HD-SDI signal carries a sync signal for the Rec Start/Stop with the AF100A trigger; is equipped with the expanded focus assist function, which enlarges the center of the displayed image for greater ease in focusing; also includes a 2.39:1 (cinema scope size) safety zone marker.


KudosPro MC500

Motion compensated converter is ideal for international program distribution, content repurposing for Internet and TV distribution, and international TV and video production; provides frame-rate conversion as well as up-, down- and cross-conversion for all broadcast standards, including SD, HD and 3Gb/s (1080p); includes a range of tools for picture enhancement, audio gain/delay/shuffle, closed caption and timecode passing, and AFDs; offers 16-channel embedded audio processing for each video channel, automatic aspect ratio conversion, and flexible video and audio I/O configuration.


Pixel Power


The latest version of the integrated scheduling, asset management and automation system satisfies the need for channels to put graphics at the center of their playout requirements; provides automated control of Pixel Power’s transmission devices for graphics or complete channel playout, including ChannelMaster; provides enterprise-standard, scalable automated transmission; manages multiformat content delivery; maximizes sharing across multiple channels, reducing workload and resource requirements while enhancing delivery and consistency with a single operator.


Crystal Vision
ViViD 3G range

Range of variable video delay modules save rack space by allowing up to 12 video delays in 2U; designed for matching any system delays, ViViD 3G and ViViD 3GS provide half a second of delaly in 3Gb/s, 20 seconds in HD and 5.5 seconds in SD, while ViViD 3G-20 and ViViD 3GS-20 give 10 seconds in HD and 110 seconds in SD; the delay is adjustable in increments of pixels, lines, frames and seconds; ViViD 3GS and ViViD 3GS-20 both include a framestore synchronizer.




Dual-card genetics chassis is designed to offer an economical alternative to the standard six-module FB-9 for systems in which the larger capacity is not required; an integral I-Bus control interface allows the EB-9 to be operated from a remote panel via standard Cat 5 Ethernet cable and RJ-45 connectors; each module can alternatively be controlled locally via an optional FP-9 front panel; occupies a standard 19in single rack unit; comes complete with a 25W internal power supply accepting 100V to 250V alternating current.


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Automation system supports up to four independent channels of HD/SD output at a price designed to ensure the best opportunity for ROI without sacrificing features, functions and high performance; now features integrated MultiZone display; the ability to display multiple zones of clip and graphics playback opens up opportunities for lower-cost advertising by a new segment of advertisers interested in a presence on special interest subchannel.


Bel Digital Audio


2U range topping audio/video monitor and de-embedder features 16 individual LED bargraph meters on the front panel alongside a high-quality, 5in video screen and a full range of controls; provides a pair of auto-detecting 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs; accepts 10 analog audio inputs and eight AES-3id input pairs; selected audio channels are also provided as AES-3id and analog outputs on the rear panel; analog output levels can be fixed or controlled by the front panel volume control.


Studio Technologies
Live-Link 07X-series

New version of the Live-Link Remote Camera Interface System is designed for the unique requirements of the emerging 4K camera systems; camera end unit features four 3G-SDI-compatible inputs to accommodate data-intensive 4K digital video streams and an additional 3G/HD/SD-SDI input for an alternate digital video stream; camera end unit also includes a 3G/HD/SD-SDI return from the control room unit for confidence monitoring; all signals are transported using just two strands of single-mode fiber, one each for signals in each direction.


Leader Instruments


Compact 7in monitor/rasterizer with internal cross-conversion from 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI to HDMI and vice versa; HDMI output can be used as a rasterizer, delivering screen content to an external monitor; selectable waveform, vector and false-color test screens can be inset over SDI and HDMI sources; picture modes include markers, monochrome, blue-only, red-only and green-only, as well as cross-pulse; a peaking function enables precise adjustment of camera focus; features easy-to-use controls with pre-settable quick-function buttons.


PlayBox Technology

Web-based client/server solution for creating and managing advanced schedules; operating within a web browser, the user-friendly GUI handles template-based TV broadcast planning, offering straightforward management of single or multiple TV channels; program templates present per day, week or month views and schedule management by date per TV channel to provide monitoring and control of all activities, from schedule creation to publishing for broadcast; any number of users can access and collaborate, based on user rights.