Fast Forward Video Unveils New Recorder

Fast Forward Video recently released a new compact-profile video recorder.

The Recon DVR unit measures 2.8-inches by 3.9-inches and is designed to be integrated into laptop hard drives. It can record up to eight hours of video and uses motion JPEG technology to provide 720 x 486 resolution.

The new recorder has been chosen for use in Rugerent OHG's new Easylook VideoAssist, a laptop video recorder designed for the film industry.

"What distinguishes the Easylook is its portability and durability," said Gert Kappes, inventor of the Easylook. "Choosing FFV's Recon for my design was the most logical solution because of its ability to handle rugged conditions, its compact size, and high-quality video output."

The recorder is capable of time-lapse recording and loop recording, and the output video can be viewed locally or transferred to a PC as QuickTime files for viewing and editing. The tiny device can be controlled through a menu structure or via GPI control. It is optimized for use in a variety of conditions and is designed to meet the needs of producers, broadcasters, law enforcement agencies, first responders and others.