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Fast Forward Video debuts Micron HD digital video recorder

Fast Forward Video debuted its Micron HD digital video recorder, which is designed to be a cost-effective yet powerful solution for recording and playout of broadcast-quality digital SD and HD video. The Micron HD offers many of the features of FFV's industry-leading Omega HD DVR, in a single rack unit and at a price point specifically targeted to today's most budget-conscious broadcast-grade operations.

The Micron HD records using JPEG2000 compression at speeds up to 100Mb/s, making it a replacement for SD-only DVRs and analog tape decks. It offers up to five hours of record time, and its removable, non-proprietary 2.5in SATA drive is fully compatible with Fast Forward Video’s Elite HD camera-mounted DVR. Users can record, play and store multiple SD and HD video files. With a simple machine controller, users can access a larger set of functions and command multiple units with one key stroke.