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Fairview Microwave Debuts Gunn Diode Oscillator

ALLEN, TEXAS—On-demand microwave and RF components supplier Fairview Microwave is rolling out a waveguide Gunn oscillator that provides a source of microwave power with frequency and power stability while generating low-phase noise. The FMWGN1001 is designed to be used to transmit and receive oscillators for radio communications and as a local oscillator source that can be multiplied for higher mm-wave frequency test and measurement.

The FMWGN1001 is a K-band waveguide Gunn oscillator that generates a center frequency of 24.125 GHz and can be tuned up to +/- 1.0 GHz via a self-locking tuning screw. The modules high external Q and temperature compensation mechanism allows the oscillator to exhibit higher frequency and power stability, lower phase-noise and higher anti-load-pulling characteristics. Specs include -95 dBc/Hz typical at 100 KHz offset and frequency stability of -0.4 MHz/°C maximum. Output power is +10 dB minimum with power stability of -0.04 dB/°C maximum. Bias supply is +5V dc at 200 mA typical with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Fairview is now shipping the FMWGN1001 waveguide Gunn Oscillator.