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Eyeheight to debut color corrector

Eyeheight’s new canaletto HDi digital color corrector comes with an HD-SDI SMPTE-274 input and output.

At IBC2005, Eyeheight will introduce the canaletto HDi, a digital color corrector for 1920 pixel x 1080 line television signal formats.

Input and output are both to 1.5Gb/s HD-SDI SMPTE-274. Each R, G and B channel has individually controllable gain, lift and gamma. Overall adjustment of luma, chroma gain and black level is also provided together with hue corrrection.

An integral legalizer with automatic luma overshoot suppression and undershoot control ensures that canaletto HDi's output conforms fully to EBU R103-2000 at all color correction settings. Legalization levels can alternatively be set to specific regional standards.

See Eyeheight at IBC2005 stand 2.338 or visit

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