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Eyeheight introduces Ethernet-controlled HD logo inserter

Eyeheight now offers its LI-1DM, a compact multidefinition logo inserter with dual independent logo generators and dual independent keyers. The LI-1DM allows HD or SD logos to be uploaded to flash memory, monitored and controlled via Ethernet.

Each channel can accommodate logos in any common format including 1080i, 1080p25, 1080p30, 720p 625 and 525. Up to 1 million pixels (4MB) can be stored per channel, enabling reliable, efficient and highly flexible on-air channel branding. Multiple logo inserters are networkable using the company’s NL-7 netLogo software.

Another new product is Eyeheight’s compact FB-9E, which is housed in a 1RU chassis. It accommodates up to six cards to allow control of up to 12 independent keying channels. The FB-9E also includes space for main and auxiliary 100-240V AC power supplies. Power consumption is less than 50W, and total weight is less than 7lbs. The LI-1DM is controllable via front-mounted panel, remote FP-9 Flexi-Panel or via Ethernet.

All of the company’s multidefinition modules support 625 and 525 line SD, and every common HD format used in today’s production environments. The LI-1DM passes all ancillary data present in vertical and horizontal blanking intervals.

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