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Eyeheight Announces LE-3G Multi-rate Video Legalizer

LONDON: Eyeheight is rolling out LE-3G is a multi-rate SD-SDI/HD-SDI video gamut legalizer with full support for 1080p50 and 1080p60 HD production and transmission formats. Designed for use in television studios; broadcast ingest suites, post-production facilities and playout centers, the LE-3G enables video legalization parameters to be corrected automatically. Single-touch presets allow fast configuration to EBU-R103 (Europe) 7.5 IRE pedestal (U.S.) or 0 IRE pedestal (Japan).

Detailed configuration of the legalizer can be performed via a menu system common to all products in Eyeheight’s geNETics series. Backlit LCD pushbuttons guide the operator through the various control modes, include RGB, YUV or composite mode selection, clipping level, soft clipping knee, luma and chroma gain, black level, and hue rotation.

Six user memories are available to store group settings. A timecode-referenced output log is generated for viewing via a connected PC. An automation port provides PC-based access to preset parameters stored within the LE-3G. Firmware and software are fully updatable via file upload. Up to six LE-3G modules can be accommodated in a 1 rack-unit