Eyeheight announces AR-2SD, AR-2MC aspect ratio converters

Eyeheight has announced the impending introduction of the AR-2SD standard-definition and AR-2MD multidefinition aspect ratio converters.

The converters enable 4:3 pictures to be converted between 16:9, 15:9 and 14:9 letterbox, 4:3 full frame and 2.35 or 1.85 anamorphic formats. A flexible zoom mode allows source video to be compressed and expanded horizontally and vertically for unusual applications.

Both models include digital noise reduction, allowing direct connection to MPEG encoders. The ARCs incorporate SDI feeds and employ three-field-based temporal processing. Operating at full 10-bit resolution, they are fully transparent to all horizontal and vertical auxiliary information and to embedded audio. Pictures are variably blanked on the left and right hand edges. Horizontal and vertical movement of the converted picture is possible from the front panel or remotely. Audio timing is offset to compensate for picture-processing delay.

For more information, visit: www.eyeheight.com.