EVS XT[2] server brings ‘spooky’ efficiency to Travel Channel

Discovery Communications' Silver Spring, MD, production center recently tapped the EVS Broadcast Equipment XT[2] live/studio production and playout server for use during live-to-air productions.

For the broadcast of Travel Channel's “Most Haunted Live,” the Most Haunted team brought its U.S. audience to London for an in-depth and chilling investigation of Jack the Ripper. The production used the XT[2] to ingest, edit, and playout the live satellite feeds coming from England, allowing the removal of inappropriate content and editing to fit U.S. commercial breaks throughout the four-day show.

Originating from London as a standard-definition program, Discovery configured its fully functional, six-channel, HD/SD-switchable XT[2] to operate as a 2 in / 4 out SD server/editor for the show. Channels 1 and 2 of the XT were dedicated to continuous recording from the two live satellite feeds.

At the end of each segment, a clip was created as a single EVS operator referenced a logged time-code list that noted where editing needed to take place. Using channels 3 and 4 of the XT as edit channels, the editor used the XT's swap-audio function to replace any inappropriate audio and to clip and re-insert graphic elements into the program to match the timing of commercial breaks for the U.S. broadcast. The final assembled program material on the XT server was then output on channels 5 and 6, used as playout channels fed directly to the Discovery Television and Technology Center for broadcast.

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