Evertz unifies Magnum experience

Evertz has released MAGNUM VUE, a user customizable graphical interface that visually unifies the MAGNUM control experience. Evertz' MAGNUM unified facility control system bridges all of the major components within the broadcast path under a single point of control.

From a single user-friendly touch-screen-enabled interface, MAGNUM VUE provides flexible and reliable control across all broadcast operations. By using MAGNUM VUE an operator can manage an entire broadcasting infrastructure from content creation to distribution.

It enables users to integrate the control of routing systems, multiviewers, branding engines, master control, terminal equipment and much more. Due to its crossplatform capabilities MAGNUM VUE is easily integrated into any system, as it supports Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux.

The built in widget layout and configuration engine gives the user the power to customize a workspace in order to determine how much they wish to control and see from a single view. Each widget can be configured and customized by modifying such characteristics as labels, fonts, colors, communication details, and widget behavior amongst others. The intuitive layout mode allows the user to customize key features including position, size and orientation of plugins. MAGNUM VUE's user friendly design supports both single and multitouch interfacing which is ideal when being controlled by mobile devices.