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Evertz Gives Peek Into Future of Routers

Evertz will unveil new video routing and master control solutions at NAB2007.

With a format-agnostic routing platform, the EQX (Evertz-Quartz-Xpoint) router accepts digital signals from 19.4 (SMPTE 310M) through SDI, ASI, HD-SDI and up to 3 Gbps. The EQX has a fully modular, hot-swappable, redundant design, independent monitoring bus, and SNMP interfacing.

Evertz's new aspect ratio converter, the 7710ARC, lets users take an SD source in and convert it to a properly configured widescreen. With the 7710ARC-F, users can also add a fill input for side-panel keying. Both products are modular, support WSS and VI and can be configured through SNMP.

Also at NAB, the Evertz QMC offers a unique approach to master control with SD and HD channels with a number of options and a broad selection of configurable control panels. It can be assembled to meet any need and size from a single channel up to a complex multichannel installation, under automation or manual control. The QMC intelligent LCD pushbutton control panels give operators high flexibility in panel layout and function.

The company will also showcase the XRF Series RF signal routing platform. It acts as the heart of any RF facility, allowing flexible routing, control and monitoring of RF signals. Advanced features include automatic or manual gain control, wide bandwidth passing both L-Band and 70/140 MHz IF ranges, and input power monitoring.

Evertz will be in booth N1713.