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European broadcasters capture audio and video with Osprey

Cologne-based G&L Geissendoerfer & Leschinsky GmbH, a German provider of streaming media services, has ordered 20 Osprey-230 video capture cards and 14 Osprey Simulstream multistreaming cards.

IdeasUnlimited.TV, a specialist in broadcast transmission verification and monitoring of television content, purchased 15 Osprey-440 multichannel processors and five 230 cards.

Both deals were arranged by ATG Broadcast, a systems integrator and Osprey representative based in London.

The Osprey-230 is a half-slot low-profile PCI bus card for capturing full-motion video from a standard composite analog source. Osprey SimulStream video capture cards allow simultaneous multiple streams to be created at different bit rate speeds from a single source. A single card can create as many different streams from a single source (analogue or digital) as the processing power of the host PC/encoding station can handle.

The Osprey-440 is designed for applications where multiple channels of video need to be captured and processed independently. It allows four analogue video and audio sources to be capture and streamed simultaneously.

Four standard alarm inputs and four alarm outputs are incorporated, supported via an Osprey AVStream driver. Twelve additional internal auxiliary audio and video inputs can be switched in as alternatives to the rear panel connectors (three per channel).

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