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Euphonix Debuts Control Surface for System 5-B

by Mary C. Gruszka~ April 26, 2006


Euphonix introduced a control surface for its System 5-B digital audio mixing system for on-air and live-to-tape production applications. According to Andrew Wild, vice president of marketing at Euphonix, the new modules are operationally compatible with previous versions of System 5-B, but have higher resolution displays at the top of each module.

"The modules are lighter in color and have slightly smaller knobs which are easier to use," Wild said at a Monday afternoon press conference. "The knobs are touch-sensitive and have LED rings at the base that change color when you change the function, like blue for EQ, purple for dynamics and red for the aux sends."

The modules incorporate faster embedded microprocessors for quicker response and boot times, and more memory.

"The higher resolution screen displays allow for more detailed and clearer graphics showing multiformat metering, routing, channel designation of up to 14 characters and EQ, dynamics and pan graphs," Wild said.

For the Max Air digital audio mixing consoles, Euphonix unveiled an option to allow an additional display for showing simultaneous metering of any of the Max Air's sources or outputs. The meter display shows up to 28 meter blocks each with its own source, color and designation, and can be placed on newly available console shelves that attach to the top of the console for mounting speakers or additional screens.


Not to be left out, the Euphonix System 5 got a power boost with the new EuCon Hybrid option, which extends the control capabilities of the console beyond the dedicated DSP.

"The EuCon Hybrid option allows existing clients to add workstation control to the console," Wild said. "The audio mixer can now see all workstations in a studio."

The digital audio workstation (DAW) tracks can be positioned almost anywhere on the console surface, with multiple tracks from separate DAWs simultaneously placed in any order on the surface. These channel layouts can be saved, making them easy to access and organize.

Native EuCon applications, such as Nuendo and Pyramix, that directly support the EuCon protocol, have a high level of integration, with high-resolution, high-speed connectivity to almost all the DAW's functions, including multichannel metering and EQ and pan curves, Wild said.

Also at the Euphonix booth is a demonstration of the interconnection between the Euphonix MC controller and Apple Logic Pro 7. "This is not available yet," Wild said, "But it's a preview of what is coming down the road."

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