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Ethertronics debuts DVB-H, FM embedded tunable antennas for mobile, video solutions

Ethertronics has unveiled two new internal DVB-H and FM antennas designed to power an array of advanced industrial designs, mobile handsets and video products. As part of the company's new Tavvel line of actively tuned embedded antennas, both solutions are engineered to meet the challenges of incorporating multiple RF functions into portable devices. The antennas combine significant link budget improvements with simple interface, compact size and low power consumption.

The DVB-H antenna delivers high performance and low power consumption in a small package. Operating between 474MHz and 870MHz, the antenna delivers average efficiency of 40 percent with less than 100uA current consumption, all in a compact 50mm x13mm x 1mm footprint. The antenna element requires only a simple DC control voltage between 0V and 2.8V to tune to a specific frequency (channel) within the DVB-H band.

The embedded active FM antenna solution is ideal for integration into mobile devices from handhelds to laptops. Measuring approximately 1cm3, the FM antenna operates at the frequency range of 87.5MHz-108MHz, for maximum FM channel performance, within 1dB-1.5dB compared to traditional headset lead-wire antennas. Current consumption is only 2.8mA, and the antenna tunes to specific frequencies (channels) by varying an input DC control voltage between 0V and 2.7V.

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