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‘ET,’ ‘The Insider’ ink deal with The Switch for HD transmission

“Entertainment Tonight” and its spin-off “The Insider” recently signed a new multi-year agreement with The Switch for HD transmission services.

For HD transmission between New York and Los Angeles where the show is produced, “ET” installed new uncompressed HD-SDI circuits from Verizon from its New York City offices to The NY Switch also in the city.

As part of its transmission service, The Switch provides HD-SDI ports and HD-SDI JPEG2000 encoders at The NY Switch that accept the uncompressed HD signals, compress them and output at 205Mb/s. This signal is transported across SDI paths on The Switch’s ICOD network to The LA Switch.

“ET” maintains local SDI connectivity in Los Angeles to The LA Switch, using the fiber network of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. Because uncompressed HD-SDI circuits are not yet commercially available in Los Angeles, The Switch provides the JPEG2000 decoders at CBS Studios to hand-off uncompressed HD-SDI to “ET.” A transmission from New York to Los Angeles is accomplished in seconds, with “ET” and “The Insider” operators using The Switch’s touch-screen controller.

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