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Envivio unveils reconfigurable IP video encoding architecture

Envivio introduced a reconfigurable multichannel and multiplatform IP video encoding architecture for IPTV, Internet TV and mobile TV services during IBC2007.

The Trans4M architecture enables a service provider to reconfigure the Envivio Trans4M-based encoders to generate video streams supporting TVs, PCs and mobile devices. The Trans4M architecture allows an encoder to be reconfigured in real time to add new features and functions without the need to replace units deployed in the field.

By enabling mobile TV, IPTV and Internet TV services from the same Trans4M-based encoder, a service provider only needs to invest in one headend rather than three, and only one redundancy system and one management system.

The first Envivio encoder to use the Trans4M architecture is the 4Caster C4 IP video encoder, supporting both IPTV and Internet TV in its initial implementation.

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