Envivio multistandard encoders star with vendors at NAB

While it's hard to make any predictions about where ATSC Mobile DTV will be a year from now, it's a safe bet to say Envivio will be in the picture. The company's multistandard encoders were used by several vendors at NAB2009 in their demonstrations of complete ATSC Mobile DTV video delivery solutions, including the OMVC's Mobile TV Pavilion.

Axcera demonstrated its complete end-to-end ATSC Mobile DTV transmission solution, a new ATSC Mobile DTV preprocessor/multiplexer that combines terrestrial and mobile content along with an ESG into a single transport stream. That feeds an ATSC broadcast transmitter with Axcera’s Axciter adaptive DTV modulator used to deliver Envivio-encoded content to a mobile receiver.

Similarly, LARCAN demonstrated its new ATSC Mobile DTV Multiplex-Gateway where Envivio encoded mobile DTV streams and legacy MPEG-2 ATSC transport streams in real time.

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