Entone Launches New IP-based Video Service Device

Video content delivery provider Entone recently launched a new video service delivery device.

The Entone Hydra is an IP video gateway that can support up to three simultaneous television streams and broadband Internet access over coaxial cable. Up to six TVs can share the single gateway device with--high-power modulators and patent-pending technologies--three concurrently using the video streams.

Hydra provides network interfaces for both ADSL2+ and FTTH/Ethernet deployments and supports PPPoA, PPPoE and NAT/DHCP server/client IP network protocols.

For security, the gateway can incorporate DVB/DES descrambling features. Initially Hydra was designed for the North American market but will debut in its European version in 2005. Additionally, Entone video on demand (VOD) technology has been integrated with Belfast, Ireland-based Latens video encryption technology.

The Latens video encryption engine (VEE) and content and revenue protection systems are now integrated with the Entone StreamLiner video server software. Together these technologies create a VOD system with encrypted content. VEE encrypts content and passes the video to the Entone StreamLiner On-Demand platform, from where it is distributed to the consumer and unencrypted with the Latens secure software modules.