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Entone announces FusionTV availability for NECA members

Entone has announced that its FusionTV solution is available to members of the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA).

NECA is a membership association of U.S. local telephone companies that helps its members deliver high-speed, multi-use broadband services to rural America. With Entone’s FusionTV solution, NECA member companies and their broadband affiliates can expand their service portfolio to include best-in-class Web media services, such as VUDU, Pandora, Flickr and Facebook.

With the over-the-top (OTT) edition of Entone’s FusionTV, service providers can offer subscribers access to VUDU’s on-demand library of HD content and a growing array of cloud-based services, such as music streaming from Pandora, photo sharing from Flickr and Picasa, social media from Facebook and Twitter, and many more popular cloud-based applications.