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Enhance Technology introduces EnhanceRAID E400 FR

Enhance Technology has unveiled its new EnhanceRAID E400 FR, the company’s next-generation, cableless, four-bay USB, Firewire and eSATA combo RAID storage system array designed for 3.5in SATA HDDs.

The EnhanceRAID E400 FR subsystem is ease to use, install and manage. The user-friendly LCD keypad control panel provides system information and status at a glance; no additional management software is needed. With enterprise-grade, cableless design, field-replaceable controller and hot-swappable components, the EnhanceRAID E400 FR desktop RAID system provides RAID-5 data protection, performance and flexibility with built-in multiple host connectivity.

The EnhanceRAID E400 FR provides a desktop storage solution for content creation, file sharing, digital audio recording and nonlinear video editing.