ENENSYS demos latest mobile TV solutions at NAB2008

ENENSYS Technologies at NAB2008 introduced the GigaCaster ASI over IP gateway, an SFN synchronization mechanism and a new statistical multiplexing feature for its TransCaster mobile TV transcoder.

The GigaCaster ASI over IP gateway is a high-density video gateway capable of transporting up to eight MPEG-2 transport streams over IP networks that performs encapsulation (ASI to IP) and disencapsulation (IP to ASI) simultaneously and preserves both MFN and SFN networks. The SFNguard synchronization mechanism strengthens SFN Adapter 1+1 switchover and SFN broadcast consistency, using two SFN Adapters communicating together to preserve the synchronization of SFN transmitters. The new statistical multiplexing feature for the ENENSYS TransCaster mobile TV transcoder increases the number of H.264 TV channels that operators can transport in one transponder without impacting video quality.

For more information, visit www.enensys.com.