Encompass Digital Media Gets Ingest System from Damon Group │ UK

LONDON—Encompass Digital Media has turned to Damon Group │ United Kingdom to provides its U.K. operations facility in central London with an integrated ingest platform. The facility serves as a 24/7/365 broadcast hub for multi-national media companies, broadcasters and corporations.

Part of the new integrated ingest solution at Encompass in London

“We designed, integrated, supplied and installed a complete solution based on Dalet’s AmberFin Ingest software and Broadware’s Flexis control software products,” said Chris Elson, product sales manager for Damon Group. “There are six ingest servers arranged in pairs, all of which are housed in the Encompass EMEA tape archive. Each pair is easily transportable and connected to a Flexis controller ingesting from two VTRs running inside a Flexicart.”

Damon Group designed an upgrade for the barcode readers in Flexicarts for Encompass’ tape library that support a wider range of barcodes. VTR error data logging has also been integrated so ang VTR ingest errors can be called using a REST API.

Encompass Digital Media is a content capture, process and delivery provider with locations in Latin America, North America, Asia and EMEA.