Encoding.com Launches Video QC Service in the Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO—Encoding.com has announced that it is pushing out a new Video QC as a Service offering in the cloud. This new service will enable content providers to offload their video quality control infrastructure and utilize the cloud-based API service from Encoding.com.

Content providers and distributors can now automate video QC job management and reporting pipelines through the site’s cloud service. Users have the option to run over 50 individual QC validations at the time of transcoding and packaging or use the Encoding.com Video QC service on assets that have already been processed.

All of the QC checks will be performed on the same compute node as transcoding and packaging. Available services include general validations like output size, duration, bitrate, captions and file size; video validations, including frame rates, codecs, aspect ratio and level; audio validations, such as bitrate, codec, channels and channel layout; manifest validations like version numbers, declarations, encryptions and discontinuity tags; and API web service for integration into CMS/MAM/DAM platforms for production and broadcast workflows.

Encoding.com reports that it will continue to add new validations and features to the QC service based on user feedback and requirements.