Enco Acquires Patent for Automated Captioning

SOUTHFIELD, MICH.—United States patent number 7,047,191 B2 now belongs to Enco, per a company press release. Entitled “Method and System for Providing Automated Captioning for AV Signals,” the patent encompasses captioning technology and methods that help automate and accelerate speech-to-text translation to deliver open or closed captions; it specifically relates to Enco’s enCaption series of technology.

Enco’s software-defined enCaption systems provide accurate captioning for live and recorded content in near real time. The patent covers new advances that improve accuracy of enCaption’s speech-to-text engine, using advances in machine learning technology to develop a deep neural network approach to voice recognition.

This new technology includes a method that separates an audio signal from a combined AV signal and converts the audio signal to text data. The original AV signal is then encoded with the converted text data to produce, record and display a captioned AV signal. The patent also covers automatic translation of spoken words of a first language into a second language, with the translated words included in the captioning information.