EMC Debuts Next-Generation CLARiiOn Storage System

EMC Corp. recently released the CLARiiON CX600, the first of its next-generation, 2-Gb CLARiiON storage systems, and new software for the system. The product is designed to fulfill demands for mid-tier automated networked storage systems.

The CLARiiON CX600 has a cached bandwidth of 1,300 Mbps, which was achieved through 8 GHz of processing power and performance enhancements to the sixth-generation FLARE operating environment, as well as an 8-GB cache and external Fibre Channel connectivity through eight 2-Gb ports. The system uses an Intel-based processor design and has a modular makeup with reusable components.

The new software includes IP connectivity for EMC MirrorView software and EMC PowerPath support for CLARiiON, with advanced features such as extended-distance replication and intelligent path management. The system runs all CLARiiON functional software and maintains consistent management through EMC Navisphere and integration with EMC ControlCenter/Open Edition.