Embrionix's 3Gb/s SDI SFP coaxial modules

Production studios and broadcast infrastructures are in transition to 3Gb/s SDI, creating increasing demand for interfaces that support long cable distance in a wide range of applications. For this reason, SDI fiber-optic interface usage is growing in a variety of implementation. A major trend is to design products around small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules for easy replacement and modularity, but fiber comes at a higher cost than a coaxial interface.

One of the key challenges that is facing manufacturers, system integrators and users is to choose the right interface for their needs. Manufacturers must first decide: Do I offer fiber or coaxial interfaces? If both are needed, what is the fiber/coax ratio for my product? Which connector will I use to improve the product density? System integrators and users will need to determine: What distance do I need to cover with my SDI signals? Which product provides me a cost-efficient solution for my interface needs? Does the product give me enough flexibility for future needs?

Embrionix provides a solution to answer all of these questions by introducing its 3Gb/s SDI SFP coaxial series. Available with DIN 1.0/2.3 75V connectors or with the new HD-BNC, the modules are a direct replacement to existing video optical SFP modules. With their unique connector mechanical configuration, they achieve a matchless density for coaxial interface by supporting ganged and stacked cages.

A new way of thinking about the SDI interface

With the 3Gb/s SDI SFP coaxial, manufacturers and integrators now have the opportunity to design the product interfaces around SFP cages, allowing users to decide what the best configuration is. Don't miss any opportunity because you don't have exactly the right interfaces configuration; just let the user decide if he needs fiber, coaxial SDI interfaces or a mix of both. As a result, equipment will come with a higher scalability and modularity.

The Embrionix SFP modules are compliant with SMPTE return loss requirement, providing a typical margin level of -4dB over the whole bandwidth. This offers manufacturers a way to design cost-effectively by removing SDI interface compliancy issues from their schedules. The SFP innovative construction and parts integration provide immunity from signal interference. Because time-to-market is critical, these new modules help manufacturers reduce their development costs and the risks associated with a new design.

A flexible solution

For system integrators and users, Embrionix's solution gives the flexibility to build an optimized system by mixing electrical and optical video SFP modules. Consequently, with a standard equipment platform, they can design their cabling infrastructure based on the application needs. The SFP modules are also hot-pluggable, so the replacement of the interfaces is possible without affecting the whole system behavior. It also allows hot scalability of the system by providing users the opportunity to customize interfaces and increase the number of signals when they need to.

An intelligent diagnostic feature provides the SFP host a way to monitor the temperature and supply voltage, and take full advantage of the integrated National Semiconductor auto-sleep equalizer for unused inputs. The host can disable an output or detect if an input has lost its signal. The SFP's housing includes a safe latching mechanism to lock it inside the cage.

Embrionix will soon introduce a new green series of SFP coaxial modules with short reach. They will consume less power and will be available at a lower cost than the typical coaxial SDI interface. Many applications require short cable lengths; those new modules will provide a way to fully optimize the whole system architecture. Embrionix SPF modules are fully compatible with existing video optical SFP and are available in different configurations: transceivers, dual receivers and dual transmitters. All SDI formats (SD/HD/3Gb/s) are supported.

Renaud Lavoie is president and CEO of Embrionix.