Egripment Launches 'Universal Dolly'

KNOXVILLE, TENN.–Egripment Support Systems has rolled out its Universal Dolly, which combines features of previous models to meet camera operators’ need for a platform-size dolly.

The dolly weighs only 34.4 kilograms/ 76 pounds, when equipped with hard rubber wheels, but carries a payload of 200 kiolograms/ 440 pounds and provides what Egripment describes as “a solid camera platform” because it is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. Its platform is 90 centimeters/ 36 inches, with an overall length of 115 centimeters/ 45.5 inches and an overall width of 75 centimeters/ 30 inches, excluding sideboards.

It also offers steering from the back or the front, either two-wheel or four-wheel steering, with a minimum turn radius of 85 centimeters/ 34 inches when using the four wheel steering. It can also be equipped with sideboards that are flat or contain 100 millimeter or 150 millimeter camera bowls.

The dolly can be operated with pneumatic, hard rubber or track wheels. When equipped with track wheels, the dolly runs on a standard width track of 62 centimeters/ 24.5 inches wide, straight and curved.

It can also be equipped with most Egripment accessories, such as seat supports, columns, bazookas and jib arms.