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DSI Dishes Up Sat Solution for TV Globo

Julio Larcher
TV Globo is an international broadcaster, with five of its own stations and more than 100 affiliates in Brazil.Our signals are transmitted throughout the United States via DirecTV, Dish Network, RCN, Verizon's FiOS, Comcast and many other cable MSOs.

Our worldwide footprint is extended by contracts with many DTH satellite providers.

In 2006 we moved our international news broadcast operations into a new facility at 32 Avenue of the Americas,the former headquarters for AT&T Long Lines.


Along with the usual studio and office construction, we required a Ku-band satellite downlink installed for receiving NBC news and programming elements from the AMC-1 satellite that we use for our broadcast and video-on-demand feeds. I should mention that almost from the start, that particular link was plagued with problems, typically signal dropouts.

At first, we thought that there might be an alignment issue with the antenna and perhaps it just needed re-peaking after getting blown around by high winds.

At the recommendation of some engineering contacts at NBC, we called DSI RF Systems, headquartered in Somerset, N.J.,just outside of New York City. It was a call that we should have made much sooner.

DSI quickly dispatched technicians who re-peaked our antenna and adjusted cross-polarization. They worked with our internal engineering team, as well as with NBC's, to ensure the integrity of our signal, and before you knew it, we were back in business.

Unfortunately, the good signals didn't last long. DSI did a study of our outages and identified the problem as being caused by rain fade, thunderstorms and high winds.It seems that the original RF contractor had incorrectly sized the satellite antenna, and this was creating intermittent reception problems.

The company's engineers calculated the correct size of antenna for our particular environment and satellite transponder signal strength and came up with a plan for decommissioning the old antenna and replacing it with a new larger dish. A new antenna was quickly ordered and just as quickly installed once it arrived.


DSI RF Systems worked as the general contractor on our behalf, ensuring that all needed documentation was produced and permits were filed and approved by the appropriate agencies. They also liaised with the IBEW Local 3 electricians who performed the site work. They also installed a new L-band feedline from the antenna support structure down 11 stories to our facility on the 17th floor of the building.

As the new antenna needed to be attached to an existing tower on the building, DSI even engineered and fabricated a customized galvanized mount that was welded to the structure.

And unlike the original installation, all connections were securely weatherproofed to survive the weather extremes found in the Northeast. Since the installation, we've had no more connectors and switches full of water.

The system has been rock solid ever since, leaving me free to focus on the other demands of my job.

Am I happy with the work of DSI RF Systems?

Well, let's just say that DSI is already engaged to install a new uplink system for us in the next couple of months, and will be reworking the rest of our outside RF plant.

Julio Larcher is manager of news engineering for TV Globo. In addition to the New York facility, he oversees TV Globo's Washington, D.C. and London, U.K. technical operations. He may be contacted

For additional information, contact DSI RF Systems at 888-374-7388 or